Dennis Vugts
I'm a graphic designer and musician focusing on the ideal balance between the methodical and spontaneous.
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Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen

    Combining Charles Bukowski's dark and honest poems with Baz Luhrman's optimistic 'Everybody's Free to wear sunscreen' conveys an ironic message with a strong contrast between the two texts. Equally strong contrast permeates the imagery portraying the life of a schizophrenic germaphobe.

    2022 | Editorial Design | 297 × 420mm

    The Grand Prix Winners

      A magazine providing an overview of the all the Grand Prix Winners of the Federal Office of Culture literary prize and their books. Optical uniformity is achieved by adhering strictly to the grid and allowing very limited variation of font sizes.

      2022 | Editorial Design | 210 × 297mm

      Zürcher Segel Club Pfingstregatta

        The design of this poster, created with Niclas Funk, entirely relies on a fine grid. It represents the surface character of the water as well as accommodating all elements of the poster in a uniform way. The rotation of the triangles creates a variety of imprints and depths in the poster.

        2022 | Editorial Design | 210 × 297mm

        UFC × Maison Margiela

          Trough the touch-points in various media, a collaboration between UFC (as Host) and Maison Margiela was made plausible. In this fictional scenario, UFC organizes a fighting tournament adhering to Maison Margiela's philosophy of clear categorization.

          2023 | Brand and Identity


            Playing with optical and physical phenomena created by light and color. The various color- and cursormodes accumulate to 16 possible combinations, providing an interactive experimental playground.

            2023 | JavaScript Application